Sambreville Gaming Room

Open 24/7
  • Room size :
    200 Sqm
  • Consoles :
  • Facilities :
    Free WiFi, Bar, Toilets, Smoking room

Versailles Casino Sambreville is located in one of the FrunShopping units. Thanks to the huge parking in front of the Casino, you can easily get rid of your car to come and enjoy your game.

Fully redecorated in 2018, this Casino brings a unique balance between mindfulness and entertainment. More than 70 different games overall with the newest and most satisfying games for the best gaming experience. Smooth lights and a professional bartender are at your service.

For our smokers, we have an integrated smoking room and of course spic and span toilet facilities. Everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Versailles Casino, because the best is just not good enough!

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